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Assorted Cupcakes and Muffins
Classic Almond Easter “Colomba”
I Macarons
Il Pandispagna
Lemon Mousse
Soft Hazelnut Nougat
Assorted Cupcakes and Muffins
Assorted Cupcakes and Muffins
Cake decorated with your favourite team's name
Easter “Colomba” with a Dark Chocolate coating and filling
La Fragolina
Pistachios Mousse
Soft Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Nougat
Tasty Pastries
Tasty Pastries
Caramel Choux Cascade
Dark Chocolate Mousse
Easter “Colomba” with a Dark Chocolate glaze
Il Millefoglie alla Chantilly
Il Panforte - The meeting of almonds, hazelnuts and candied fruits
Petit Four of every flavour
Wild Strawberry Tartlet
Chocolate and Mixed Berries Mousse
Decorated Easter Eggs - upon request
Delizia di Cheesecake alla Fragola
Il Bacio
Il Mandorlato - made with an attentive selection of candied fruit, orange peels, citron and raisins
Crostatina Mela e Crema
Il Milano, Panettone Classico - Prodotto con una selezione accurata di Frutta Candita, Scorze di Arancio, Cedro e Uvetta
L'Americana di Mele
Orange Mousse
Our Confections
Il Babà
Millefeuille with Chantilly Cream and Mixed Berries
Mixed Berries Mousse
Our Easter
Small scale Wedding Cake
The Goloso, Chocolate covered Panettone with a Chocolate filling
Birthday Cake
Crunchy Fruit Basket
Il Pandoro, Fluffy, golden and fragrant
Le Mimosine
Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse
Birthday Cake
I cenci
I Ricciarelli, A mixture of almonds, honey, pine nuts and candied fruits
The Black and White – Chocolate Profiterole
Yogurt and Caramel Mousse
Almond Paste Wedding Cake
Caramel Coated Profiterole
Coffee Mousse
I Befanotti - Classic and with Chocolate
Le Frittelle
Baptism Cake
Christmas Log, butter cream filled Spongecake
I Muffin
Single servings of every flavour
Tiramisù in a Peanut Brittle Basket
Montblanc, Chestnuts Meringue Dessert
Pear and Chocolate Tart
Sicilian Cannoli with Pistachios
Small scale Wedding Cake
Fine Biscuits of every flavour
Birthday Cake
Fig and Walnut Pie
Mixed Berries Meringue Dessert
Shortcrust Pastry Biscuits
Birthday Cake
Braided Puff Pastry with Chocolate
Birthday Cake
Braided Puff Pastry with Fig and Walnut
Tuscan Cantucci
Braided Puff Pastry with Candied Fruit
Festive Befana Stocking
Marron Glacés
Chocolate Shortcrust Tart
Single serving Crunchy Fruit Basket
Sweet Herb Tart of Lucca
Birthday Cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Shortcrust Tart
Mimosa Cake
Ricotta Cake
Chocolate and Ricotta Cake
Birthday Cake
Il Buccellato Lucchese
Almond Paste Wedding Cake
La Sacher
Apple Strudel
Birthday Cake
Baptism Cake
Birthday Cake
Strawberry Tree
Birthday Cake